Create Animations For Complex Processes

Create animations and simplify difficult processes? No problem. We create your animation in 2D or 3D. We illustrate, draw, push or lay. We create these in colour or black and white. We bring your information to life. In short: The pioneers support you from beginning to end when you need animations.

What is an animation?

An animation is a complete film created on a computer. It is also possible that parts of a film are animated. Prefabricated graphics, illustrations, drawings, CAD and STP data or other digital files serve as the basis. We animate these in an animation program like Adobe After Effects. If no data are available, we create them with 3D programs such as Cinema 4D. The digital data is then turned into a film that simplifies complex processes. An animation is a film without a physical camera.

What types of animations are there?

There are many different ways to create an animation. They are visually different. Basically an animation program is used. What happens to the individual elements is programmed in it. You have a wide range of visual possibilities around animations. Here it requires the exact arrangement, what you want to reach and in which budget you would like to remain. There are two main types of animation:


There are different types of animations. Animated cinema films are well known. These were created in 3D programs and are very complex. The individual characters move humanly. The environment often looks photorealistic.

The creation of such a completely animated film takes many months or years. The technique with which these films are animated can be used in B2B or B2C environments. Here the films are of course shorter. This means that the creation takes less time. Nevertheless this kind of animation is more time and cost intensive compared to other animations.


Another way to create an animation is to do this with premade illustrations. Here the individual graphic elements are animated. The characters are not plastic or three-dimensional. Instead, we animate them in different ways. The elements move by themselves, appear, we draw them or they build up.

Create animation – How?

As a video producer, we have created various animations over the years. We clarify two points in advance: Which target audience do you address? What is the budget? We show every product, every process and every film animated. But not every type of animation is suitable for every target audience. In this respect, you define with the target audience which animations do not work. In the second step, the budget is decisive. Different types of animations have different prices. If you have a budget of 2.000 € for a complete film, you exclude many 3D animations. If your budget is 20.000 €, 3D is more realistic.

Making of animation

Having an animation created means that you have a completely thought-out script in advance. Changes during the animation or afterwards quickly lead to exorbitant costs. The more information you have about what the final film will look like, the cheaper the animation will be. Changes to animations often lead to chain reactions. Often, something can only be changed if something else changes before or after it. Individual scenes may not be removable.

Once it is clear what the film should look like, we commission the illustrator or start working with the 3D program. We will discuss all the following steps with you. Whether we animate in Adobe After Effects or in Cinema 4D does not matter. Never underestimate the time spent on animations.

Especially in 3D it often takes days until whole scenes are finished. This means that you often receive preview versions in the course of production and rarely a final film. This is not the case with real shots. In the course of production, you will often receive color-corrected preview versions.


#1 Animations explain complex processes more simply.
#2 Animations can be changed flexibly.
#3 Animations can be cheaper than real shots.
#4 Animations can generate a unique visual language.
#5 Graphics and 3D elements can be further used for print or web.
#6 Animation films can be extended.

Create animation – The costs

Unfortunately, there is no general statement here. Compare this question with the question “What does a car cost? You get a cheap used car for 500,- € or a luxury car for 80.000,- €. With animations it is the same.

Assume that a modern, fast animation with illustrated elements requires that you need one element per main message in one sentence. In the sentence “The production costs for your products can thus be greatly reduced” you reckon with three elements (production costs, products, reduce).